Tuesday, 17 April 2012

11 Mantras for GCET Success

From 2009, Gujarat Common Entrance Test goes online as per decision of Gujarat Technical University. Such new innovative changes in Indian educational system which derives good skill building opportunity for students. But sometimes students fail to adopt that changes which is made. So, GCET aspire students have to keep in touch with such informative sources where they can easily get update information about GTU and GCET as per changes made. Normally, in the month of April to June the temperatures across the state are soaring because of Summer as well as GCET Announcements for the Admission in MBA and MCA Seats for Colleges in Gujarat under GTU.Thus the excitement and the fear surrounding it have touched its zenith. With its successful launch with the examination last two year, the online format of GCET is going to step into its third year and thus the fear of technology is an added fright over the other more common ones. So, here is for you a list of ten points which could help you overcome the anxiety of GCET and come out with flying colors:

1. Be technology friendly: With GCET going online, it is of utmost relevance for the candidates to be equipped with the necessary knowledge of technology. One must be ready to face any technological glitches that one might face while taking the test.

2. Get your basics right: The most important aspect of preparation for the competitive examination is to get the basics right. Thus for example, knowing the rules of nouns taught in standard II might be of help in clinching an additional mark during the exam and thus a better institute. Ignorance of these basics is a complete ‘No No’!

3. Read carnivorously: The one and the most effective way of enhancing one’s vocabulary and grammar is to read and read about varied topics. Like a carnivorous eats everything that comes its way, to be a successful candidate one has to read everything that comes ones way and derive all the new learning that comes along.

4. Get your grammar right: Getting the grammar right is an essential aspect of cracking the verbal section of the examination. Going through books on Grammar like Wren & Martyn and others could be a great last minute tool to solve the grammar based questions of the test.

5. Keep yourself updated: It is important for one to keep oneself updated with the happenings around the globe. Reading the news paper on a daily basis as also going through some renowned magazines of the world will build the platform for a successful GK portion.

6. Work out your math: Essential as it is, it is the most difficult to implement too. A majority of us find math to be the most difficult component of the GCET exam. One strategy here could be to fall back on the 9th and 10th standard math’s books and brush up ones basics through it. Most of questions from the Quant section could be solved if the basics are in place.

7. Be logical: The logical reasoning questions of the paper are the easiest and the most interesting part among all the components of GCET. Getting the logics right during the exam could help the candidate get that much needed edge over the others.

8. Reduce stress: A little stress during exams is considered good to avoid complacency but when that thin line between a little and a little more gets transgressed, it becomes a major deterrent in securing success at the test. One has to believe in oneself and care little about the outcome of the test.

9. Don’t learn just practice: One bad habit that we garner is that of learning things- learning formulas, cramming grammar rules, mugging up questions from the text book. But, unfortunately, none of that would help at the GCET level. GCET is about knowing things and having an aptitude towards management. Thus, all efforts of an individual must be concentrated on developing the aptitude and the rest will simply follow.

10. Finally, ride your luck: While 75% of one’s performance rides of one’s knowledge and preparation, a good 25% still lies with the almighty. Hence, the luck factor becomes equally crucial for these examinations and all you could do for that is hope that the day of the examination is yours.

11. Believe in yourself : with confidence and positive attitude. 
 All the very very best to all GCET aspirants.

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